Dear Dr. Rhoda,



We’ve had stray voltage problems for years. I finally convinced my family it was affecting us when they started feeling it. Some still think I’m nuts. We had our house tested about 8 years ago. A friend from Wisconsin said his wife can find lay lines. Well she came out and found some going through our house. She said it was from the tower a few miles away. Neal had Del Blackwell test with wires in 2009. He went through the house and barn. He found a lot of small things. Fans in the barn, bad ground wires, bad lights, etc. We had him back in 2010. My neck hurt so bad, I could hardly take it. He said we had bad lights in the kitchen and some of the house wiring was wrong. So we fixed it. But never noticed real much although it was a little better for a while. We had Del back again in 2011. We disconnected our ground wire on the phone line and it was completely gone for about a week. Then like usual it came back. We had another expert from Wisconsin out in the spring of 2011. He set up meters and measured the electricity. He said we have a lot fluctuation or spikes of electricity. We got a new furnace for the house, because our old one had a variable speed motor and he said they are bad. We got a new solar fencer  for our electric fencing, because he said they cause problems. We put in new plastic calf and cow waterers, he said the old steel one can conduct electricity. There were 2 power boxes on our farm. One for the house and one for the farm.  He told us to have the power company redo that and only have one, because they are communicating with each other through our house with the power poles by the driveway. We had the power company redo all the power boxes and put in a now pole away from the house. We also had an electrician come out and clean all the old wiring out of the barn and rewired it for the new boxes. We noticed nothing. We were told that we needed to remove a bare concentric wire that was buried in the ground and ran all the way from the end of the driveway, under the front of the house, through the barn where the cows sleep, to the other side of the farm. This is an old wire used in the 50’s and 60’s. It is copper coated and a conductor of dirty electricity.  It did help a little, but was still not gone. In the summer of 2011, we had a lot of problems. Our cow’s mastitis exploded. It was very hot and very wet. We were grazing and the cows stood in any water they could find. They went bathroom in the water and also drank it. It was too hot to go to the water tank we provided for them, when water was right at their feet. Things went from bad to worse. Their feet problems got very bad. We sold about 15 cows, due to health problems. We were put on a work improvement plan through Organic Valley (Our milk company). This means you have three months to clean up your act and get your SCC (mastitis count) down below 400,000. That’s why we sold the worse cows. When the cows drank the water they got a bacteria that gave them mastitis. Our count was over 600,000, and we were even throwing the worse milk away. We were milking about 20 cows with a quarter milker (catches the milk from the bad quarter) and throwing that away. We were dumping about 300 pounds of milk per day. We did get the SCC down under 400,000.


I was having a lot of problems. My heart would beat real hard at times; my muscles were tight, which caused my vertebrae to go out.  I started going to a natural Doctor and Chiropractor. Got on a lot of mineral and vitamin supplements. I had adjustments weekly. Neal and The kids started going to her also. Same issues, just different places.  Summer of 2011.


We went from milking 75-80 cows to 60 cows with a lot of health problems and not able to get them bred back. Some cows were in the barn for up to 2 years between calving.


In February we had Dr. Rhoda come out. She told us about a meter we could use to plug into the outlet and measure the electricity. Our house numbers were around 400 and ideal and comfortable is below 25. We put in 2 power guards and that brought it down to 50-75 with some spikes around 170 or so. We then installed tubes on our electricity to harmonize it and it brought our numbers down slowly over about 3 months. Now it’s August of 2012 and our numbers are about 10-25 in the house with some spikes near 40. I no longer had the burning in my neck after we put the power guards in. I still have issues with my muscles due to long term abuse and so do Neal and the kids. We took down our TV antenna and noticed a lot then also. We were pulling in some spikes of wireless stuff.  We feel our overall health is improving, but it’s not real fast. As far as the farm, the numbers in the barn are usually near 15. We still feel the cows don’t come into the parlor like they should and some day plan on removing the fluorescent lighting in there, Karen is real sensitive to fluorescent lights and can’t even be in the parlor for long lengths at a time, so we think it effects the cows also. We are now milking back up to 75 cows, due to the fact we did not lose as many this year. We only add our own raised heifer (girl) calves, when they are 2 years old they become a cow after calving. In April our cows were averaging around 39 pounds of milk per day and now we are up to about 46. This is due to the fact; we have added a lot more fresh cows. When a cow has a calf her milks pounds are at their full potential from 1 to 6 months after calving then they slack off. Well with our cows not getting bred back and staying in the barn for up to 2 years some of them were only giving 15-20 pounds a day. This should get better as time goes on. I hope this helps you understand our farm and situation somewhat.




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About Heather Jo Johns

Heather Jo Johns was born on December 13, 1985 in Ohio. Heather has many gifts and talents and has multipotentiality. Heather is a Dj Deep joint BodyWorks Specialist which is Brand New to the Massage and BodyWorks Industry and the 1st to practice. Heather is also an International American Music Artist/MC working on her New EP called H6jO that will be released from Toronto Canada where she is also managed. Heather Jo is a Proud CEO of www.aubshealthysmartline.com Heather is also delivering the good news on environmental awareness. MiChi Health's Twitter Celebrity Friends are Growing with Ms. Heather Jo Johns as The MiChi Health Medical Correspondent, President and CEO of HJJ Marketing Group Int'L and is one of the Business Partners for a New International website Marriageemporium.com She is the MiChi Liaison to the Hip Hop Caucas, in Washington, DC mixing awareness through hip hop and politics . Ms. Johns is also the neice of the world renowned Broadcast Journalist, Joe Johns of CNN TV and also the God Daughter of Wold Renowned Dr. Rhoda Zione Alale which whom is many things and has been a Community Leader on the Energy and Environment Committee for the White House under the Obama Administration and Presidential Commisioner to the White House and Gold Medal Award Winner for the USA for her invention. (www.michihealth.org). Heather is a Aspiring Actress, Model,a Certified Bodyworks Specialist, and Certified ELF Technician. Heather has obtained many accomplishments throughout her life some of many are as follows: She is MSO3 Trained (MASTER SECURITY OFFICER X 3) TSA trained, Fire Saftey Trained and certified an Alumni of The Dayton School of Medical Dynamics (Medical Massage). She has been fortunate and gracious to receive a Black History Achievement Award for being one of the top developers (Inventors) of a 21st Century New Technology called iKeniso Massage and for being an active community servant, that surpasses the highest ideals of citizenship and exemplified a rare caliber of character and leadership from the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Office of the Governor Harrisburg. Since then Heather has Invented 2 more Inventions and is excited to get them out in the future rather it be directly through her or someone else! :) Heather has also received a Certificate from The White House Communications Agency for providing excellent efficient and effective communications for Former President George W Bush and for Securing the Air Force One. Heather was also personally selected by US Customs to work in alliance for security purposes. Heather is gifted and loves people and loves smiling. Heather Jo Johns has also been awarded 1 of 15 Michael J Jackson Scholarship for Health Physics donated from Princess Asia of Ibo of Lagos, Nigeria for being trained as Health Physicist and for being a part of The Apprentice in Envronmental Health Physics at MiChi International, LLC at Central State University | NET Incubator BioTechnology Laboratory by Dr. Rhoda Zione Alale . www.michihealth.org Heather is currently in Residency at The Michi Health Epicenter Project at The Center of Health Equity, Teachers College, Columbia University NYC and is also attending Forbes School of Business working on her Business Administration /Management degree while starting her own business. Heather Jo plans to do public /Motivational speaking, Modeling/Acting/Mommy and music! Heather is now working on her second book titled The Overcomer stay tuned! https://instagram.com/marriageemporium https://soundcloud.com/1heatherjo itun.es/us/B3JjP
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