MORE Miracles Tuesday TALKRadio – 2 Shows tonight ONLY 9:00 PM EST / 6:00 PM PST, & 9:30 PM





9:00  PM  ::  Miracle #1             MS Patient gains increased strength and reverses aging with HSH2020 Green NANOtechnologies.   At 64 yo, people say she looks as young as her 30 year old daughter.

Former Administrator at Proctor & Gamble with MS, now a Registered Nurse Testifies of renewed Youth & Strength from wearing the NANOS, Flat Batteries and bathing in water from the NANO Water System. . .  Listen in to hear Nurse Marsha’s testimony at 9:00 pm.

Seizure TALKRadio

9:30  PM  ::  Miracle #2            8 yo Little boy, Josiah  is now 3 weeks seizure FREE and balanced riding a Scooter for the FIRST time in his life. . .

A Grandmother called her daughter to “stop” what she was doing and bring her grandson to the church HEALTH FAIR to meet a Wellness Practitioner, Mr. Gagan Hunter.  He had a Revolutionary NANOtechnology that was stopping seizures in children.  The daughter did just that and today, we CELEBRATE that little Josiah has his NANOS on and has been SEIZURE FREE for almost 3 weeks.

    Stop “Static EMF Radiation” absorption in your body.  Prevent injuries.   
       Have you SEEN the new WARNING SIGNS about static EMF radiation at the gas pumps.  
       READ ABOVE… BP GAS STATION SIGNS. DON’T be at RISK for igniting the gas pump.

       NANOS  BLOCK  Static EMF absorption in the body.


                  Call 347 945 5416.  PUSH  #1 to Talk.

Special Thanks to Co-Hosts: “Nathan on the Spot” &
                 “Id Morris” from Heaven to South Carolina in the USA. 

NEXT WEEK. . .  

Listen in.  We’ll have a Special Guest for you.


           March 19, 2016  ::  4:00 PM     
          MiChi Cloud Theater “On-Line”
COSTS:  $45
                                      Includes 2 Classes:  Balance  Class
                                                                          Marketing  Class

REGISTRATION ::  Please PAYPAL $45 by Friday at 12 midnight at and  email your name and address to  ::

FOR God and Healthy Families,  I am. . .


Dr “A”
Rhoda Zione Alale, RN, PhD
Scholar in Resident
The Center for Health Equity
Teachers College, Columbia University

President & Chief Scientist
The MiChi Health EpiCenter
800 615 0456,  ext 106


Sick Houses MAKE Sick Families. . .

Indoor Environmental Safety is our Goal. 

Let’s get it DONE!

::  The Center for Disease Control recognizes that “electricity & chemicals  cause injuries.”

Get your copy::
Background, Page  3,  third paragraph


About Heather Jo Johns

Heather Jo Johns was born on December 13, 1985 in Ohio. Heather has many gifts and talents and has multipotentiality. Heather is a Dj Deep joint BodyWorks Specialist which is Brand New to the Massage and BodyWorks Industry and the 1st to practice. Heather is also an International American Music Artist/MC working on her New EP called H6jO that will be released from Toronto Canada where she is also managed. Heather Jo is a Proud CEO of Heather is also delivering the good news on environmental awareness. MiChi Health's Twitter Celebrity Friends are Growing with Ms. Heather Jo Johns as The MiChi Health Medical Correspondent, President and CEO of HJJ Marketing Group Int'L and is one of the Business Partners for a New International website She is the MiChi Liaison to the Hip Hop Caucas, in Washington, DC mixing awareness through hip hop and politics . Ms. Johns is also the neice of the world renowned Broadcast Journalist, Joe Johns of CNN TV and also the God Daughter of Wold Renowned Dr. Rhoda Zione Alale which whom is many things and has been a Community Leader on the Energy and Environment Committee for the White House under the Obama Administration and Presidential Commisioner to the White House and Gold Medal Award Winner for the USA for her invention. ( Heather is a Aspiring Actress, Model,a Certified Bodyworks Specialist, and Certified ELF Technician. Heather has obtained many accomplishments throughout her life some of many are as follows: She is MSO3 Trained (MASTER SECURITY OFFICER X 3) TSA trained, Fire Saftey Trained and certified an Alumni of The Dayton School of Medical Dynamics (Medical Massage). She has been fortunate and gracious to receive a Black History Achievement Award for being one of the top developers (Inventors) of a 21st Century New Technology called iKeniso Massage and for being an active community servant, that surpasses the highest ideals of citizenship and exemplified a rare caliber of character and leadership from the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Office of the Governor Harrisburg. Since then Heather has Invented 2 more Inventions and is excited to get them out in the future rather it be directly through her or someone else! :) Heather has also received a Certificate from The White House Communications Agency for providing excellent efficient and effective communications for Former President George W Bush and for Securing the Air Force One. Heather was also personally selected by US Customs to work in alliance for security purposes. Heather is gifted and loves people and loves smiling. Heather Jo Johns has also been awarded 1 of 15 Michael J Jackson Scholarship for Health Physics donated from Princess Asia of Ibo of Lagos, Nigeria for being trained as Health Physicist and for being a part of The Apprentice in Envronmental Health Physics at MiChi International, LLC at Central State University | NET Incubator BioTechnology Laboratory by Dr. Rhoda Zione Alale . Heather is currently in Residency at The Michi Health Epicenter Project at The Center of Health Equity, Teachers College, Columbia University NYC and is also attending Forbes School of Business working on her Business Administration /Management degree while starting her own business. Heather Jo plans to do public /Motivational speaking, Modeling/Acting/Mommy and music! Heather is now working on her second book titled The Overcomer stay tuned!
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