RF Security Tip #23 Scare Tactics how they are used and how to document and associate with crime


Heather Jo Johns is a Master Security Officer x3 trained who secures her family daily and the author of the Newest Security Tips Book that will be on the market by the end of this year RF REINFORCEMENT SECURITY TIPS! Heather has written these tips with a group of other professionals in the security and private investigator industry who have worked with the elite organizations of the world to help serve and protect our country such as the FBI, CIA,US PROTECTIVE SERVICES, SECRET SERVICE, PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES and THE WHITE HOUSE COMMUNICATIONS AGENCY . Heather has started this book on the account of her personal experiences and all the crime and terror that has hit our country. The question is how will we keep our families safe? People will be taught through this tips booklet on easy steps that they can take to help prevent crime from happening to their family members. Heather will be open for interviews to discuss the book for interview and give her advice and view on crime and terror today. Get excited she is one of the best in the United States and has a passion and a fire for keeping people safe and educating people and families as her family are all in Politics and affiliates and associated of the White House. Heather knows their safety is a priority and so is your families. Lets go!  Its time for a change!

scare tac·tic

ske(ə)r ˈtaktik/
plural noun: scare tactics
  1. a strategy intended to manipulate public opinion about a particular issue by arousing fear or alarm.

Scare Tactics are usually used to put out a subliminal message depending on the situation that is at hand and what is going on around you. If you know for a fact that the scare tactic that has been used is a subliminal message towards you and is associated with any crime where there could be federal charges or charges period you must document the information and submit it as soon as possible and the safest timely manner. If you’re not able to deliver the information yourself you need to give the information to someone else to deliver to the proper authorities and News, Public. People use scare tactics that’s threats as well too and if the scare tactic that actually took place was a fact and actual event such as attempted murder or murder and you have that evidence you need to submit it because the criminals will be prosecuted and charged period. How to tell if it is a scare tactic or not is if it directly reflects a situation that has been threatened towards you from an organized crime group or person also look for keywords that are associated with yourself ,places, dates. Make sure that you have all the necessary documents so that investigators will have an easy job if the investigation is already been taking place and you have the proper documentation of evidence notes pictures audio visual videos it will make their job a lot easier and also make the job lot easier when it comes to the judge and the jury make sure you have it in a nice PowerPoint format or documented in an organized professional manner when submit it. You don’t have to live in fear because of a scare tactic if you have done nothing wrong you have nothing to be scared of if you have done something wrong you should be scared.

Nevertheless Justice will always be served no matter what the plot plan and scheme is as long as it’s already documented this will be great for prevention. People tell on themselves really  and I’m sure if someone used to scare tactic against you that they verbally threatened you before rather it be in person through an informant, subliminal message,music or video. You will be able to recognize and Associate the criminals so that they can be prosecuted. Rather it be Nationally or Internationally


About Heather Jo Johns

Heather Jo Johns was born on December 13, 1985 in Ohio. Heather has many gifts and talents and has multipotentiality. Heather is a Dj Deep joint BodyWorks Specialist which is Brand New to the Massage and BodyWorks Industry and the 1st to practice. Heather is also an International American Music Artist/MC working on her New EP called H6jO that will be released from Toronto Canada where she is also managed. Heather Jo is a Proud CEO of www.aubshealthysmartline.com Heather is also delivering the good news on environmental awareness. MiChi Health's Twitter Celebrity Friends are Growing with Ms. Heather Jo Johns as The MiChi Health Medical Correspondent, President and CEO of HJJ Marketing Group Int'L and is one of the Business Partners for a New International website Marriageemporium.com She is the MiChi Liaison to the Hip Hop Caucas, in Washington, DC mixing awareness through hip hop and politics . Ms. Johns is also the neice of the world renowned Broadcast Journalist, Joe Johns of CNN TV and also the God Daughter of Wold Renowned Dr. Rhoda Zione Alale which whom is many things and has been a Community Leader on the Energy and Environment Committee for the White House under the Obama Administration and Presidential Commisioner to the White House and Gold Medal Award Winner for the USA for her invention. (www.michihealth.org). Heather is a Aspiring Actress, Model,a Certified Bodyworks Specialist, and Certified ELF Technician. Heather has obtained many accomplishments throughout her life some of many are as follows: She is MSO3 Trained (MASTER SECURITY OFFICER X 3) TSA trained, Fire Saftey Trained and certified an Alumni of The Dayton School of Medical Dynamics (Medical Massage). She has been fortunate and gracious to receive a Black History Achievement Award for being one of the top developers (Inventors) of a 21st Century New Technology called iKeniso Massage and for being an active community servant, that surpasses the highest ideals of citizenship and exemplified a rare caliber of character and leadership from the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Office of the Governor Harrisburg. Since then Heather has Invented 2 more Inventions and is excited to get them out in the future rather it be directly through her or someone else! :) Heather has also received a Certificate from The White House Communications Agency for providing excellent efficient and effective communications for Former President George W Bush and for Securing the Air Force One. Heather was also personally selected by US Customs to work in alliance for security purposes. Heather is gifted and loves people and loves smiling. Heather Jo Johns has also been awarded 1 of 15 Michael J Jackson Scholarship for Health Physics donated from Princess Asia of Ibo of Lagos, Nigeria for being trained as Health Physicist and for being a part of The Apprentice in Envronmental Health Physics at MiChi International, LLC at Central State University | NET Incubator BioTechnology Laboratory by Dr. Rhoda Zione Alale . www.michihealth.org Heather is currently in Residency at The Michi Health Epicenter Project at The Center of Health Equity, Teachers College, Columbia University NYC and is also attending Forbes School of Business working on her Business Administration /Management degree while starting her own business. Heather Jo plans to do public /Motivational speaking, Modeling/Acting/Mommy and music! Heather is now working on her second book titled The Overcomer stay tuned! https://instagram.com/marriageemporium https://soundcloud.com/1heatherjo itun.es/us/B3JjP
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